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Welcome to the Putnam County - Cookeville Tennessee NARFE Chapter Number 1956. While the NARFE organization has been around since 1921, the Putnam County Chapter was approved by the National Office January 1983. Thanks to all who have helped to made these past years possible.

Our organization is the only one working to protect the earned benefits of all federal employees and retirees. No matter which federal agency you have worked for, we are here to help you.

Normally, our chapter meetings are on the 3rd. Tuesday of the month in Cookeville TN. We meet at 6:00 pm for a meal with the business meeting following at about 6:45 pm. But they have been suspended since the virus began and also due to low turnout. We hope to restart them at some time.

Your support is vital to the continued success of our chapter and the NARFE organization. We invite all federal employees and retirees to join us and add your support to protect the benefits we all have worked for. To learn more about how to become a member of NARFE, click Join Us

There is lots more useful and helpful content on the Tennessee Federation website. Check out especially the Legislative Page and the Library Page.

You Need NARFE and NARFE Needs You


NARFE contributions to the Alzheimer's Fund have gone over 9 million dollars. Donate at our meetings or mail a check to me for this worthy cause.



Chapter Officers
President - Ronnie Collins
Vice President - Vacant
Secretary - Reba Collins
Treasurer - Laura Cook
Alzheimer's Chair - Reba Collins
Legislative Chair - Dan Hilton
Membership Chair - Vacant
Newsletter Editor - Ronnie Collins
PR Officer - Roy Byrd
Service Officer - Roy Byrd
Sunshine Chair - Connie Banker

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NARFE Chapter 1956 Cookeville TN
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